Southern Weed Science Society

SWSS Awards

Darrin Dodds – Awards Chair

The Awards Committee consist of a Parent Awards Committee with the Immediate Past President (Darrin Dodds) as chairperson and five Awards Subcommittees: (1) Fellow Award, (2) Outstanding Educator Award, (3) Outstanding Young Weed Scientist Award, (4) Outstanding Graduate Student Awards, and (5) Excellence in Regulatory Stewardship Award. The Awards Subcommittees are broadly representative of all interests of the society. Individual members of the Awards Subcommittees shall be responsible for soliciting other SWSS members to make nominations and seeing that the nominators submit biographical information and a black and white photo for each nominee prior to the deadline (Subcommittee members must not personally submit nominations). If you, as an SWSS member, wish to contact a specific Awards Subcommittee, and support nominating another member for an award, please contact a member of the particular Award Subcommittee, or the Award Subcommittee Chair (listed below) well before Oct. 20, 2023 (having a bio and photo of the person you’re recommending might be expected by this date as well, so check earlier than Oct. 20, as these bio submissions can be up to each subcommittee chair). No person shall be eligible to receive the same award a second time.

Award Subcommittee Chairs and contact information:

Fellow Award: Henry McLean –

Outstanding Educator Award: Eric Prostko –

Outstanding Young Weed Scientist Award: Matthew Wiggins –

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards: Nathan Boyd –

Excellence in Regulatory Stewardship Award: Garrett Montgomery –

The SWSS Fellow Award is the highest honor the Society presents. The purpose of this award is to recognize those members who have made significant contributions to the Southern Weed Science Society and advances in the discipline of weed science in the SWSS region.

To be eligible for the SWSS Fellow award, the potential recipient must:

  • Have been an active member of the SWSS for >20 years.
  • Be at least 50 years of age at the time of the annual meeting.
  • Have made significant contributions of service to the SWSS (including but not limited to: serving on committees or being an officer, hosting the SWSS Weed Contest, judging at the paper/poster contest, etc.)
  • Contributed substantially to the success of his/her company, university, and/or government agency and to advance the discipline of Weed Science in the SWSS region.
  • Whereas the Fellow Award has been renamed to envelop both the Distinguished Service and the Weed Scientist of the Year Awards, previous recipients of these awards are not eligible for the SWSS Fellow Award

The maximum number of Fellow awards per year is set at two (2), with no distinction between those from academia or industry.

The SWSS Outstanding Educator Award (OEA) of $1,000 cash (sponsored by Corteva) and a certificate or plaque will be presented annually to a weed scientist in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Society and Weed Science through education. The Award is to be given in recognition of a broad range of activities including formal classroom teaching; outreach and public service or extension including workshops, seminars, short courses, or other means of communication; mentoring undergraduate and graduate students; publication of scholarly work in journals, books, or reviews.

To be eligible for the OEA award, the potential recipient:

  • Must be a voting member of SWSS in the year of nomination.
  • Must be an active member of SWSS during the last five (5) years.

These awards of $1,000 cash and a certificate or plaque to be presented annually to a young weed scientist one from academia (teaching, research, extension) to be sponsored by BASF and one from Industry to be sponsored by the SWSS in recognition of outstanding service to weed science.

To be eligible for the OYWSA, the potential recipient:

  • Must have been a voting member of the Society for at least three of the last five (5) years and must be a voting member of the Society in the year that the person is nominated for the award.
  • Must be 40 years of age or younger on January 31 of the year she or he receives the award.
  • Must have completed at least five (5) years’ work in weed science other than that related to academic studies.
  • Previous recipients of this award will be ineligible for re-nomination.


These awards (one each for students at the MS level and the PhD level) are sponsored by the SWSS Endowment Foundation and consist of a $400 cash award and a plaque for MS level and $400 cash award and plaque for PhD level. The awards are given annually to a graduate student (one at the MS level and one at the PhD level) who has demonstrated outstanding performance in graduate studies and related weed science activities. Winners at the MS level are not eligible for this award at the PhD level. Students must have received the degree for which they are nominated since the previous SWSS Annual Meeting.

To be eligible for the OGSA, the potential recipient:

  • Must be enrolled as a graduate student in the degree program for which she/he is nominated within the calendar year for which the nomination is made
  • Must have actively participated in SWSS sponsored activities such as the annual meeting, weed contest, student paper contest, or committee work during the past two years including the year nominated and the previous year.

This award is sponsored by Bayer CropScience and awarded yearly for five years beginning in 2023. This award is for specific collaborations in the emerging applications of science and technology that require regulatory and stewardship protocols. This award recognizes scientists that demonstrate great interaction and collaboration between public and private institutions, establish multiyear outreach and support of the new technologies, and provide nonbiased feedback while extending research findings to the scientific and farming communities through publications and extension activities. The selected program will be awarded a plaque and monetary awards to be allocated as follows: Principal Investigator, $2000, and remainder of the graduate team ($250 each), to a maximum total award of $3,000 unless extenuating circumstances. The graduate students should be the primary researchers and does not include technicians. Team members should be named during the nomination process. If a project has two lead PI’s they should be awarded and the primary funds divided evenly. Graduate students providing minimal assistance should not be nominated.

Eligible nominees should be active members of the SWSS; and include industry personnel, primary research/extension project leaders, and primary graduate students actively involved in conducting the research.

Awards Nominations Timeline:

Oct. 20, 2023 – Nominations due no later than this date, check with Awards Subcommittee Chairs

Nov. 6, 2023 – Each Awards Subcommittee Chair sends nomination forms and ballots listing nominees for each Award to their appropriate Award Subcommittee

Nov. 24, 2023 – Each Awards Subcommittee Chair sends Award recipients and recommendations to the SWSS Exec. Board members.

Dec. 8, 2023 – Awards Committee Chair (D. Dodds) to receive confirmation of the recipients for the Exec. Board

Dec. 15, 2023 – Awards Committee Chair to inform SWSS President (E. Castner) of the names of all Award candidates.

Jan. 24, 2024 – Awards presented to winners